Write with Me Writing Prompts

My goal is to post a writing prompt Monday through Friday.  

 Just a few short paragraphs describing a Place, person or experience (or all 3) in a small short narrative.  Words need to be chosen carefully because you will want to keep your word count to @ 750-1000 words.  Or work for a set amount of time, 10-20 minutes should be enough.  Just write, don’t edit.  

On the weekends, I will post a longer prompt.  Something you can really sink your teeth into.   Write as much or as little as you like.


Please put Prompt Date & your name in the subject line

If you would like your writing to be publicly shared.  Please post it in the comment section.  I will try to respond to all shared here on this site.  IF you want me to personally respond and NOT share on the public feed please email me at Laura.InMyMuse@gmail.com  


Happy Writing – Laura



Happy Labor Day!  images-4

Today’s prompt is a simple one, write about your favorite Labor Day activity.  Is it shopping for sales, picnicking with family and friends? A day at the beach or a hike in the forest?  What is your favorite day to send the unofficial end of summer and why?



29-August-2018 – Today is the Day She/He

It’s Poetry Day.  If you think you can’t write poetry, this one is for you.  It’s easy and fun.

Write 10-15 lines each beginning with:

Today is the day she…    sleep264

Start with your experience of waking up.  ie, Today is the day she slept through the alarm

Lead this way through the rest of your day.

In the last 2-3 line, sum up what “she” learned from her day.

That’s it, Simple, straightforward poetry.    Enjoy – Laura


25-26-August-2018 – Disciples of the Muse

So, yesterday – actually early afternoon – I referred to you, Dear Reader,  as a Disciple of the Muse. Please refrain from the trigger of the word disciple, my use of it here has nothing to do with religion. I’m working on a blog post about this word and what it means outside of its religious context.


This Weekends prompt is a two-parter.

Choose for yourself.  You can do just part 1 or just part 2.   But, doing both part 1, then part 2 is an Exercise in The Craft of Writing:  Understanding/Fleshing out your character.

  • Part 1: Read my Blog post, All is Black.  This is a sample of Scene.
    Think about the character who is standing in front of the black wall.
    Who is it? It could be you, your grandma, or a fictionalized someone.  Then, once you’ve chosen your character, begin to explore who they are. Then as if you were casting for a play or movie role begin to flesh them out.  Use a series of questions designed by you to build a character description such as; their overall look,  fashion, height, weight, age, the sound of the voice, mannerisms.  Anything and everything that will help you and your reader connection with this character, the person standing in front of the black wall.   Be sure to catalog everything.  You will use it in part 2 and if you choose not to write part 2. You could use them in another project down the road.  You are a writer after all.


  • Part 2: Write your scene.  All first drafts are bad so don’t worry about making it perfect.  Start by Free Writing if you feel a little intimidated. If your character development has sparked a vision, go for it.  Don’t Edit!!!  This is the first draft, let it flow over the page.  After you are done.  Save it, and walk away for an hour or two.  Go eat lunch, take a walk, fold the laundry…  Then come back to read and edit.  Once you’re finished please feel free to post your work in the reply on this page, put the prompt date in the subject line.   If you’re not comfortable with posting it so openly, you can send it directly to me Laura.Inmymuse@gmail.com

In order to Indulge your Muse, you must commit to her service, to listen for her call and answer it with heart and focus.  In return, she will help you to find not only your writer’s voice but your own voice and how to use it.


24-August-2018 – Commitment


I’m so very sorry Disciples of the Muse,  Write 1 paragraph about how it makes you feel to be stood-up, blown off or forgotten …  By a Friend and by someone who’s made you a commitment to be consistent.      All of you, Please send me replies on this one because I can’t grow if I don’t know….


23-August-2018 – Making Connection



Every day you walk through the park not far from your home.  Every day you see the same old man feeding the pigeons.  Each day as you pass he nods in greeting to you and you nod back.

One day you notice that he is just sitting, not feeding the pigeons.  He looks forlorn and lonely.   You stop to ask him why…

22-August-2018 – Sensual Pleasure


You are a woman who is climbing into her own bed after a long business trip away.  Describe her experience focusing on all 5 senses.

Then write the same thing but from a man’s point of view.

21-August-2018 – Unique Point Of View 



You are a customer lying face down on the floor during a bank robbery.  Describe the robbery from this vantage point.   3-4 paragraphs





For review:  please leave your submissions in the comment section. Please include the date of the prompt in your title


For Review:


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