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How Being Productive Almost Killed Me.

A few mornings ago I was listening to a podcast from Kevin Kruse, I guess you can figure out that he’s a productivity guru.  As I sat there, headset on, reading email, doing laundry and listening to Kevin tell me, in 10 minutes or less, how to get the most out of my spare time… a wee small voice in my head said, “now that I’m not running a business why am I still listening to this?”.  And that Dear Reader was the moment I realized that I’m a Productivity Junkie!

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We are Women Of Fire

My clan, my tribe, my sisters at the helm, my crew… Mothers and Sisters, Friends and Lovers each of us.

I am worried about the state of our land, our hearts, our children and our planet. I’m worried about you and me and each of us who have been touched in ways we didn’t want to be touched.  I know you are too. For many in power they On the appear concerned but under their masks of calm, they are afraid, deeply afraid.

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Dear Sweet Lifemate – a letter to my body

Dear Sweet Lifemate

I know it’s been a very long time since we’ve danced together and I’m deeply sorry for my lack of attention and love. My behavior toward you has been nothing short of neglect and disregarding of the magnificence of what and who you are to me.

I commit today to change the way I connect with you. I commit to radical self-care. To put our health – physical, emotional and spiritual – at the highest priority.

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Pixie Dust some time itches

Ahh, courage. I am amazed at the gracefulness of my courage in the outside world. Even when I fear the effects of my actions or words might have on someone I love or fear, she shows up to set boundaries and choose love for myself and others. ((There is another deep pool of gaze into (the dance between love and fear))

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