Why We Write

We write because it is our calling.  We write because the Muse wants us to.  And we decide to indulge her.

We write because we have a story to tell.  Maybe it is about your life, a memoir or fictionalized story based on life experience.  Perhaps it is raw fiction pulled from the depths of your own imagination.  Sometimes it’s a romance, or sci-fi, suspense, historical, biography or instructional.  There are so many reasons and genres to write in.

For some, like me, it begins as a dream, a glimmer of a character or situation that is both familiar and not familiar.  My character stumbles into a situation that challenges her or him to go on a journey.  A Heroine’s journey, one of risk and growth and emotional letting go.  One where steeped in learning that changes her makes her better, wiser, stronger, a leader.

Why do you write?

Even though you think it’s because you want to be published, that’s not it.  We write because our minds are hard-wired to dream, think and discern our worlds through stories.

birds laughingStories are the stuff of your memories, the catalog of your life experiences and in many ways the definition of who you are.  We write because we as writers are curious and imaginative and intuitive and empathetic.  We understand our kinsmen and feel the need to describe them and build worlds for them and give them names and backgrounds and… you get the point.  We just like to tell stories because we are human.

Some writers write to entertain.  Others write to explain or teach,  Some write to entice or coerce their readers into action. Others write solely for the pleasure of telling a story. And some writers combine multiple reasons and create the magic that changes lives.

Before you jump into the deep, dark pool of writing it helps to understand two things;

  • Why do you write?
  • Who are you writing for?


See you on the flip side – that means visit the Write with me – Daily Prompts page soon.

With my, trusty blue pen that I stole from my lawyer’s office because it just felt soooooo goooood in my hand.

– Laura