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Wow, I don’t know about you,

but talking about myself is really hard to do.

So stick with me and we’ll get through it together…imgl7640-4x6-2

As a child of the 70’s,

I ran barefoot with not a parent in sight down the streets of a little town in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.  I walked the woods, picking wild blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries and ate more than I carried home in my old coffee can.p-mixed-berries-raih7px2n4-1



Growing up a Jersey Girl

We ice-skated the Boggs and build the most amazing tree forts a kid could dream of.  We hit the ground running after breakfast and came home at dinner when the big bell outside my neighbor’s house rang.

I spent my teens living between a sleepy town on the edge or the Barnegat Bay.  My twenties through mid-thirties living at the Jersey Shore in tall Victorian homes complete with wrapping front porch, surrounded by the smell of the ocean air and regular clock of the train to points south of Long Branch rolling through the back of the property.  You may find that Jersey Girl edge and straightforward talk in my writing.


Good to know that some things are a constant in this world.

I got my first waitress gig when I was 14, at Bob’s Big Boy 44c0d7521a9e4b75d475f7e3d78a25cb.jpgand learned that service is joy.  Every Summer was spent serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner to hungry tourists while they perfected the ultimate tan and, I reveled in my pale ‘never seen the sunshine’ sky.

While traveling years 30 years later we passed a Bob’s Big Boys while driving through Michigan.  Of course, we stopped for lunch.  The decor, menu and uniforms had not changed one bit.

Service is still Joy and a guiding principle in my life,

Traveling is my love, writing is my passion and, food is my art form.

 The Art of Food

I am a self-taught chef loving spices and the magic of butter.  I firmly believe that presentation is everything when serving a meal and many things in life. Just a few spring greens or a few kind words can make even a simple fried egg or a connection with a stranger a work of art.  fried-egg





The Passion of  Writing

I began writing seriously when I was in high school  Poems of angst and confusion flowed from my #2 pencil. Stories of otherworldly wonder and twisting timelines poured from my mind onto the page.


A supportive and unconventional teacher – Mr. Beebe if you’re still out there, a deep bow of gratitude and grace – told me that I had a gift.  He encouraged me to write and share my words and worlds.




A Lover named Travel 

I married, for the first time, young and discovered a lover who has never let me down – travel.  We explored most of Europe with backpacks and tight budgets; Germany, Greece, Yugoslavia – does anyone even remember Yugoslavia? -Holland, Belgium, France, UK, and Canada.

wanderlustangel.jpgSo many adventures, cultures, people and, breathtaking views that still fill my heart with wonder and love. For 17 years we lived the life of freewheeling wanderlust angels. But, that came to an end when our paths began to diverge. Basically, I started to climb the corporate ladder and he didn’t.  He found another lover who was willing to wander with him. I jumped on the train into New York city and bowed to the Gods of business and three martini lunches.


gunslinger88rolandTraveling within… Transformation as a way of life.

Eventually, I met my soul-mate, my unconditional love, my knight in shining armor, my constant companion and partner in parenthood, my gunslinger – Roland.  I moved to the great, long California coast and for the first time in my life lived in a real city, San Diego.  We had a son, built a life, moved 8 times in 10 years and became a packing Goddess.  Along the way, I learned that I’m not different… I’m just Canadian at heart, aka I’m polite and thoughtful, kind and respectful.

As I put down roots, I began to grow in ways I never knew possible. I learned that personal discovery and traveling within, is a dance that never ends. I have dedicated my life and love to explore the gifts of humanity, my own and others. 

Write what you know.  Share your view of the world through your experiences.


I’m pretty sure that all writers get their inspiration through their or others life experiences.  So here are a few of mine I’ll be sharing along the way.
  • I’ve served Bruce Springsteen dinner and waved Hi to Julia Chiles.
  • I’ve sat in meditation with his Holiness The Dalai Lama and 400 other seekers for 3 days in the intimate Roseland Ballroom. He told me, through his interpreter, that I had a gift and to both use it and protect it, I’m still figuring that one out.
  • I’ve played in the Base Saxophone in the horn section of a 13 piece blues cover band. And I’m learning to play the Banjo right now.
  • I’ve skinny dipped in icy pools and lounged in Amsterdam coffee houses.
  • I openly wept at the foot of Van Gogh’s Wheatfield with Crows.
  • And basked naked on a rock with the Adriatic sea lapping gently at its edges.

I’ve lived a very very very full life. Now I’ve chosen to share. I’m ready to share it with you if you’d like to join me in the telling. To learn more about me, my writing and ways to nurture and grow your own writing practice, via the internet or in the SF Bay area … click here for more info on The Muse Writing Club

I’m looking forward to hearing all about your life, love, and passions.

Blessings and Gratitude – Laura