The Muse Speaks

As writers, we seek someone to tell us how to find our ‘writer’s voice’.


I’ll share the secret my Muse told me…

This is my Muse:  Lilith

You’ve already got it.

Do you talk to a friend over coffee?  Do you write emails to friends about your day?  Do you write in your journal?  Do your favorite books have notes in the margins?    Face it, my friend, you’ve got a writer’s voice.  It is one of the things that makes you who you are.  It is what makes you human.

From the first moment, you picked up your big chunky pencil in your little hand

and wrote the alphabet from A to Z your writer’s voice was born.   The act of stringing letters into words and words into sentences and sentences into a string that describes something or better yet tells a story.  Those things are the building blocks of your writer’s voice.

According to the Muse,

Stop looking and just listen.