Magic Red Boots

This was an assignment for the Craft of Style class I’m taking right now.  The assignment was to write a short story with beginning, middle and end.  Using nouns and verbs to keep it moving.  When I say short, I mean short.  300 words.

Let’s see how I did.

The Magic Red Boots

Joel stood evaluating the mosh-pit where the goth girl leaned against the wall on the other side.  Jumping into the fray he yelled, “Carpe Diem”

Her black goth uniform pulled him through the bouncing bodies. Long strong legs casually crossed at the ankles disappeared under the edge of a pleated skirt. The sheer top hugged her torso revealing shadows of bra and breasts. Cropped hair curved behind well-studded ears, toward her face, where she wore only red lipstick to match her red Docs.

“Can I ask a question?” Joel yelled leaning next to her

“Sure,” she yelled back.  

“Where did you get those Docs? ”

Laughing blue eyes scrutinized him, “I thought you were coming to hit on me, but you’re asking fashion advice.”  

“Nope, just purchasing advice for my sister.

“Purchasing advice,” she winked extending her hand, “I’m Megan.”

“ Joel, and I do love your Docs.”  

She twisted her ankle inspecting them, “It’s the patten-leather that makes them magic.”


Joel leaned in asking “Are my ears are bleeding?”, She put her deep red lips so close to his ear that he felt the moisture of her whisper curling into the curves.”  

“Not yet boot boy, follow me.”.

The cooler air and muffled music at the top bleachers let them talk, not yell.

“What brought you here tonight Joel? Cause, this definitely is not your scene.”

“Honestly, I’m tired of the shallow pretty girls at the beach bars”

Sliding fingers between his she captured his gaze. “I’m a grown woman, not a shallow girl. Beach boys find me exotic until they realize that I require a grown man. Then, they run scared.”

“I’m not afraid of you Megan, or of being the man you deserve. And I don’t run.”

“That because you’re a man with an eye for women who wear magic red patten-leather Docs.”


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