Indulge your Muse

Muses, in general, are greedy little creatures.

They want your attention and will do what they have to do to get it.  They want you to listen to them, even if it is 3am. They get in your pocket and follow you where ever you go.

They talk all the time…

Chatterboxes rolling through your body… “Oh! look at that!”  “Did you hear what she said?”  “How does that feel, no really how does it feel right now?”  Distracting you from what’s really important, aka your grown-up life.

And because they talk all the time, want all of our attention and can be like a 4-year-old constantly asking “why?”… You learned very early in life to tune her out and eventually to stop listening to her altogether.

Sad, so very, very sad.

That, my friends, is what causes depression, anxiety, stress, discontent and, that deep deep longing to be fully alive.  It is your Muse crying, wanting to be heard.  Wanting to be let go running free.  Needing to be indulged.


Indulging your Muse 101

Your Muse is the creative force inside you.  She’s not just there to write the great American Novel… that’s your fantasy.  But if your willing to put in the blood sweat and tears, she’ll be right beside you all the way.

Your Muse is inspiration and imagination pulsing in your brain.

She is the one who writes a love note to your kids and puts them in their lunch boxes. (please note: they hate that)

She is the one who makes you try a new recipe for the family Thanksgiving meal. Even though you ask yourself a million times – why did I do this?  Yep… it’s your Muse’s fault.

She’s the one who takes the time to arrange the pillows on the bed, just because. The one who puts flowers in vases lights incense and encourages you to listen to the sounds of the birds.

She is curiosity and pleasure and sensuality all rolled into one glorious force.  And she lives inside of you.

So, loosen up,  let go, let her out of the tiny little cage you put her in when someone told you it was time to grow up.  Let her play in your life.

Indulge her…



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