We are Women Of Fire

My clan, my tribe, my sisters at the helm, my crew… Mothers and Sisters, Friends and Lovers each of us.

I am worried about the state of our land, our hearts, our children and our planet. I’m worried about you and me and each of us who have been touched in ways we didn’t want to be touched.  I know you are too. For many in power they appear concerned but under their masks of calm, they are afraid, deeply afraid.

I want things to turn out – ok. I want to be safe from the madness that I feel coming. The ‘backlash’ as it’s knows.  I want my son to understand that feminist is not a combative word. It is no longer a label, it is a movement. I want him to understand the feeling of oppression and desire and the difference between and combining of the two.

Tonight, under magical moonlit skies, I welcome the light of the moon, Her Light, into the core of my being. I accept Her love and assurance that this is happening now because it is time. I know that She only allows truth and change to happen when the timing is right. And, even though we can not see the path before us, it is not because it is not there. It is only because we, they, us have chosen to hide behind our hands and whisper to each other for too long.

The rot and decay built up by years of neglect and hiding by the words only spoken in whispers, Me Too.  The words which were not welcome or understood are now exposed. These people who stepped forward with raised voices and fists are taking action for something they firmly believe in and against something they truly fear.  We are with you sisters.  Because we say aloud, without shame, MeToo.

I understand that the change and growth of our collective psyche, which I celebrate and embrace is not the vision some in power have for our country. And I beg pardon for my past judgment of their point of view. I just do not agree with it, I honestly can’t begin to understand it. And I accept that the same goes for them about my own view of life, liberty, and justice for all.  But the fact of the matter is that No Body should be touched in a way that is not consensual.  No one has or can take or can coerce me into letting go of the birthright of all humans, the eminent domain of their own bodies.

I honor your courage to come forward and stand for what you believe in. And I am grateful for the impetus you have given me to take the same action in my world today.

I remind myself that all sentient beings are in need of loving kindness, even as I recoil from the emotions they stir within me.

Contagious Emotions of fear and hate, anger, and rage. These are not my chosen path. These are not the path you teach. They are the faces of humanity that I wish not to see. And, these are in fact, human reactions to feeling lost and forgotten.

So tonight with feet planted firmly on the earth below and palms raised to the sky above, I call upon the ancient Goddess of the Moon, Goddess of Compassion and Light. The Goddess of Truth sacred and sublime. Guide my heart and hands, voice and actions as I venture forth into this long dark night.

Kuan Yin, Bodhisattva, Goddess of Compassion and Enlightenment.

I dedicate my existence to you. If it is your will, Illuminate the way of the Priestess Warrior within me.

A brave-hearted woman, I choose to stand alone and together with others, to protect this life that is so precious and sweet. Each day with voice raised and heart filled with Your purpose and the potency I will work to heal the wounds of all people, as I work to heal the wounds of generations within myself.

I am a vessel of creation. I am a defender of the persecuted. I am a defender of the light and Priestess of the moon. I wield the power that illuminates the darkened spaces between us and them. Armed with this light of wisdom, patience, passion and, unfaltering humanity I will bring forward the rebirth of a new way of life. I and others like me will birth the re-emergence of the Feminine into this world.

By my hand, I will bring your message to those who do not yet hear.

With my words, I will fiercely protect all who need protecting and empower those who have no voice.

In my home and community, I will treat all I meet with respect and reverence. And I will take responsibility for my own transgressions into fear and anger. Because I am only human and I honor all humanity.

I accept Sweet Mother your cloak of shadow and your charge of light. I willingly surrender my safety and convenience to bringing your message forward. And I dedicate my life to the challenges before me in this moment and all the days to come.

We are the women on Fire. We are the voices of Creation. We are the evolution of Love.

Blessed Be


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