Pixie Dust some time itches

Ahh, courage. I am amazed at the gracefulness of my courage in the outside world. Even when I fear the effects of my actions or words might have on someone I love or fear, she shows up to set boundaries and choose love for myself and others. ((There is another deep pool of gaze into (the dance between love and fear))

Up until today, I was really flummoxed by my very slippery inner emotions. They appear and slide away as soon as I look at them. Up until today, I feared them and the effect they have on me when I can’t capture them. Then I read a story, a myth, a sacred text and realized that they are not to be captured, they are to be honored. Like the Pixies and Leprechauns from my ancestral lands, they are fickle. When you honor and respect them with gifts and offerings, they care for you by bringing you prosperity. But, when you forget them and dishonor them; they show up when you least expect it and wack you repeatedly with a frying pan. Seriously, It Hurts Sometimes!!  That’s why letting down my guard and lowering my head in a grateful bow feels courageous.  It takes a lot to let go of the fight and surrender to the connection.  I admit it, I have a connection with these Gods       And they have a connection to me.

So starting today, I’m honoring them in ritual by leaving a small offering near the window each night. I’ll also listen carefully to the messages that my emotional eating behavior is sending me. The Gods don’t always send us messages in our native tongue. Guess I’m learning Gaelic
A bheannaigh – Blessed Be

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