Join the Caravan of Love

My mom has a little plaque that hangs on the wall over her kitchen sink, it reads:

Come in, Sit down, Relax, Converse
Our house doesn’t always look like this
Sometimes it’s even worse.

That is sort of the way I feel about this blog.

Come share in my mess writing life.  I’m learning about who I am, what I want to write and what life is about for me.  Sometimes my posts will be self-explorations, others short stories, some poetry, some I don’t even know what to call them.   My hope is that by sharing my exploration of writing with you,  you will find your own path through the tangled and crazy thing we call “the Writer’s Life”, with a little help from your Muse.  imgl7694-4x6

I’m often stressed out, burned out and overwhelmed by the daily grind of living and raising a family in Silicon Valley – aka San Jose, California

How do I cope with it all?

  • I write -a lot.  Writing keeps my crazy at bay.  It helps me sort out what is real from just the gremlins in my head.  It allows me to process the scary things that sometimes still breathe down my neck at night.
  • I cook – a lot.  Food is love and cooking is how I show it.  I am a self-taught chef who has worked under award-winning chefs in some of the best kitchens along the Jersey Shore. Don’t worry – Recipes Will Be Swapped.
  • I listen and reflect – a lot.  I coach women in writing, relationship, and personal recovery/discovery.  Why those three?  Because someone once told me “You have to specialize”.  So I coach what I know and those are 3 things I know REALLY well.  (If you’d like to learn more about my coaching practice please drop me a line through the contact link)

I began this serious journey to The Writers Life over a year ago.  I don’t know where it will lead me – except to a deeper understanding of  The Craft, the stories within me and hopefully helping other women to tell their own stories… I know it is going to be an adventure.

And you’re invited to join the caravan of self-love.


Along the way, I’ll share a lot about food, cooking, self-discovery, self-recovery, relationships, parenting, entrepreneurial endeavors, writing, writing, writing and the subtle art of being human.

Drop by often and please do comment on anything you read. Share your journey tips and trick, a great recipe or your favorite song lyrics. And, please respect the human right of everyone to have their own worldview.

For now… Stop and smell the roses – but watch out for the thorns.

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