Dear Sweet Lifemate – a letter to my body

Dear Sweet Lifemate

I know it’s been a very long time since we’ve danced together and I’m deeply sorry for my lack of attention and love. My behavior toward you has been nothing short of neglect and disregarding of the magnificence of what and who you are to me.

I commit today to change the way I connect with you. I commit to radical self-care. To put our health – physical, emotional and spiritual – at the highest priority.

I see that over the past few years, you have given everything you have to absorb and process my disregard for our well being. I’ve ignored your messages of slow down and rest because I didn’t and couldn’t understand what you were trying to tell me. That was because I wasn’t actually listening. I am deeply sorry for doing that to you and to us. Today I commit to listening always, providing safe and goal appropriate transitions and finally to accept the unique needs of you dear one for nurturing and healing.

I am in love with the way you move, I love the way I feel when we move together. I had no idea how much I missed it until you reminded me. The boundaries I’ve placed between my thoughts and actions have kept us apart. I am deeply ashamed and sorry for that. Today I commit to using awareness, kindness, and sacred discipline to remove the barriers of dysfunctional thoughts, self-deception, and manipulation to rebuild our trust. We will keep each other safe and healthy. We will find joy in moving together. We will build confidence by keeping our commitments to each other. We will live each day with respect, reverence, and responsibility for our actions and decisions together.

Movement is important, but so is rest and quiet. I know this to be true and am so grateful for your wisdom and patience. I take full responsibility for the way I’ve pushed you with overscheduling and stress. I’ve ignored the signs that you need rest and that we need spaces throughout our day to fully connect and prepare for the challenges ahead. Today I commit that I will take the steps necessary to build and vigilantly maintain space inside each day for both rest and transition. That these times are sacred and, therefore, planned and guarded.

I am ultimately so deeply ashamed of the way I’ve neglected you through the abuse of food. Through my behavior and decisions, I’ve hurt you in ways that we may carry with us for the rest of our life together. I accept that I have in my power the ability to change and repair these wrongs by giving the feeding and nutrition of you, my dear body, full attention, and focus. This will require real-time accountability and planning. Today I commit to taking care to provide you with appropriate nutrition while listening to what you need and want. I will take my lead from you. I will check in, listen and do my best to both decide and take action.

Let this manifesto for a life together stand as the single guiding force in my life. There is nothing more important than our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Without those things, nothing else is possible.

Even though I sometimes feel overwhelmed and lost
I deeply and completely
Love and Accept me and my body
Honor and Respect myself and my body
And forgive myself and my body for any part we might have played in our current situation

Together we are more powerful than we know.

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